The world’s first diagnostic platform for objectively assessing mental health,
starting with PTSD.

Our brain-based methodology aims to make diagnosis of PTSD truly objective. There are clear digital biomarkers of mental health expressed by eye physiology.

The physiology of the eye delivers an objective signal that can generate a diagnostic result at least as accurate as today’s gold standard CAPS-5 measurement.

How It Works

Using an evidence-based approach combined with computer vision and a proprietary machine learning algorithm, we aim to deliver a 15-minute ocular test using a mobile phone.

Patient Session

The Senseye mobile app measures how the patient responds to multiple visual tasks.

CV Masks Applied

Our fully-patented computer vision technology captures the patient experience.

Data Extracted

Metrics such as pupil gaze, heart rate & iris biomechanics are recorded.

Results Calculated

Our proprietary machine learning algorithm is applied.

Report Generated

The PTSD diagnosis and severity is shared.

Because Senseye is fast, accessible, and accurate it can be used longitudinally to track progress as a part of ongoing care.