We make previously inaccessible cognitive insights available in a non-invasive manner using standard mobile devices

Quantify cognitive insights with video footage of the eye

Construction Worker using Senseye

We are building software to enable you to use your brain tomorrow the way you use a mouse and keyboard today.


Senseye’s Operational Risk Management solution uses a short ocular task, to identify whether a user is cognitively fatigued, intoxicated, or exhibiting maladaptive signals of stress at levels that prohibit them from safely performing job duties.


By decoding eye physiology associated with brain activity, we provide a non-invasive method for understanding of cognitive function, and we make these insights accessible to users through everyday hardware like mobile phones and webcams.

Senseye was founded with the vision of shaping the future of computing. That is exactly what we are doing.

Our goal is to create an emotional resonance between humans and computers that mirrors the intimate resonance that exists between people.

Our Moonshot is human computer symbiosis — a fully developed partnership between man and machine.


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