Senseye is building the breakthrough diagnostic platform for mental health — and we’re starting with PTSD.

We aim to help clinicians personalize care with fast, accurate tools for establishing a clear baseline and tracking outcomes over time.

Senseye on mobile

We look for disruptions in the sympathetic nervous system through the eyes.

Brain-Based Diagnosis
Using our brain-based methodology we are focused on transforming the diagnostic process for PTSD, anxiety, depression, and addiction into a truly objective process for the first time. We don’t rely on self-reports or ePROs.

Breakthrough Clinical Accuracy
Our breakthrough computer vision capability is at the core of our platform. Leveraging this core technology gives us the potential to extract signals from the autonomic nervous system via the eyes. Our unique approaches to both deep learning and signal extraction are fully patented.

Minutes, Not Months
Our platform is designed to identify PTSD in minutes. Traditional tests take hours to complete — in addition to the weeks, months, and sometimes years spent waiting for an appointment in the first place.

A Lighter Touch
Our diagnostic process is faster than traditional methods, and does not require lengthy clinical interviews. As a result, the Senseye experience can be less taxing or stressful for patients.

Everyday Technology to Reach Everyone
Our diagnostic runs on smartphones, from any location — including a telehealth setting. No specialized equipment or upfront capital investment is needed.

No Black Box Algorithms
Our ML isn’t a black box. It is supervised by humans, and its every step is documented in code. We also check conclusions against a reference database of peer-reviewed literature to ensure that we never stray from validated science.

And we do all this with an ordinary smartphone.