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You have the opportunity to participate in one or more of Senseye’s experiments that examine the dilation in your iris and pupil in response to cognitive and emotional processing demands.

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How the studies work.

You will participate in tasks that require you to concentrate in different ways while looking into a high resolution camera.

All studies require that you are able to look into the camera with your head on a chinrest and respond to the task while remaining as still as possible. Participants that wear glasses will be asked to remove them, but will not be required to complete any visual tasks.

Current Open Studies

Fatigue Study

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Senseye’s new experiment is testing ocular responses in relation to tiredness and fatigue. This study involves seeing visual stimuli, such as a dot or bars of color, move across a screen. Reflexive ocular responses to these stimuli will be measured.

We are looking for participants experiencing strong symptoms of fatigue – so if there is any situation during the day that you know you will be tired after, like getting off of a 12 hour shift at work, etc., be sure to schedule a study with us.

The use of sleep trackers is encouraged but not necessary. If you already have one (fitbit, garmin, etc.), please use it the night before your study.
There is potential for multiple studies, meaning you could participate as many times as you would like!

Participants will be compensated with a $35 Amazon gift card after completing the study.

Don’t want to drive downtown to our office? We also offer up to $16 in Lyft credits!

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