Targeted Learning System

Advaptive Training through Cognitive Insights

With the TLS system, training can be objectively tailored and personalized with quantitative metrics

The Targeted Learning System (TLS) is composed of a series of algorithms that monitor different cognitive behaviors and identify a student’s learning trajectory. Based on the learning trajectory, training can then be adapted to an individual’s unique pace. This level of adaptive training has proven to provide accelerated learning while ensuring the retention of curriculum material. The system uses standoff, or virtual reality mounted cameras to provide real-time feedback of a user’s cognitive load as they engage in a specific task. In addition, the system plots cognitive load over time which allows the user to review and determine how certain time stamped events correlated with their cognitive load.

The Technology

Using high-definition cameras and world-class computer vision techniques we’re able to extract previously unmeasured cognitive insights from ocular signals. Advances in the field of computer vision have allowed us to develop cutting edge ocular segmentation on acquired images. The emergence of cost effective processing power allows us to harness compute power that would have otherwise been cost ineffective. Consumer grade cameras have taken a giant leap in the past few years so that we are now capable of capturing high resolution and high frame rate ocular video for a fraction of the cost.

How the System Works

Step 1

Users step up to a TLS system.

Step 2

Begin the training protocol

Step 3

Users receive real time feedback as to their cognitive load over time

Step 4

Stakeholders can review a graph detailing the users cogntivie load over time.

Product Preview