Operational Risk Management

Return on Human Capital Through Real-Time Safety

The ORM system can be used in any environment where there is an element of human risk that needs to be monitored and evaluated.

Our ORM system was built with safety in mind. The intention behind this technology is to identify in real-time users that exhibit ocular signals of being unfit for duty. With our product, we can determine if someone is fatigued, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or exhibiting signs of stress. We can obtain insights from user behavior that provide the ability to enact actionable prevention of injuries or casualties in real-time. Using this technology, organizations should see an uptick in operational safety due to the mitigation and preemptive management of individuals that show signs of being impaired or have consistent impairment-related incidents. Being able to optimize this screening process will not only save lives but save a considerable amount of time and resources through the lack of workplace incidents.

The Technology

Using high-definition cameras and world-class computer vision techniques we’re able to extract previously unmeasured cognitive insights from ocular signals. Advances in the field of computer vision have allowed us to develop cutting edge ocular segmentation on acquired images. The emergence of cost effective processing power allows us to harness compute power that would have otherwise been cost ineffective. Consumer grade cameras have taken a giant leap in the past few years so that we are now capable of capturing high resolution and high frame rate ocular video for a fraction of the cost.

How the System Works

Step 1

Users step up to an ORM kiosk.

Step 2

Users identify themselves with facial recognition.

Step 3

Users complete a short ocular based vigilance task.

Step 4

Stakeholders receive a Fit or Unfit classification.

Product Preview