Our Team


David Zakariaie
CEO & Founder

David is the CEO and Founder of Senseye. In 2012, Google selected him as one of 100 Google Glass Pioneers. He is also the recipient of an Office of Naval Research Award for research in DNA Computing. When not in the lab, he is an Instructor Pilot & Check Airman in the Civil Air Patrol.


Simon Woods
President & COO

Simon joined Senseye in 2020. He is seasoned technology executive, with 25 years operating in high growth SaaS businesses. He has had 5 successful exits. Prior to Senseye he was the CEO of Riskpulse, where he grew the business and led the successful sale. He is in charge of operations, corporate development and go-to market strategy & sales.

Ivan Pandiyan

Ivan has worked as a research & development leader in medical devices for 18 years. For the last 5 years he has led R&D at the $500m p.a. Natus Medical Inc. where he had a team of 130 researchers and engineers bringing to market dozens of clinical products. At Senseye he is in charge of research & product development.


Lisa Denison
Chief Commercial Officer

Lisa has worked in the medical devices industry for more than 20 years (after 6 years in the pharmaceutical industry) and she has launched over a dozen FDA cleared class II and class III devices in multiple therapeutic categories. She has advised, mentored, and consulted for more than 15 medical technology startups, including digital health home monitoring, diabetic imaging, and brain scanning solutions.


Seth Weisberg
PHD, Head of Machine Learning

Seth is a trained experimental neuroscientist who specializes in synaptic physiology and has nearly a decade of experience in investigating the physical substrates of learning and memory. He is currently applying lessons learned from studying the mammalian brain to lead Senseye’s efforts to research and develop novel deep neural networks to clarify and sharpen the relationship between internal cognitive processes and their external manifestations.


Caitlin Limonciello
PHD, Head of Research

Caitlin earned her doctorate studying visual short-term memory and applying predictive models to the understanding of these memory processes. She then went on to a postdoctoral fellowship to study the neural mechanisms of 3D vision. She has 17 years of experience in human subjects experimental research and statistical analysis.

Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Nemeroff

Charles Nemeroff
MD, PHD, Chairperson

Dr. Nemeroff has for decades been one of the leading figures in American trauma research and practice. As Professor and Chair Dept. of Psychiatry at the Mulva Clinic & Director Dell Medical School, UT Austin, in addition to his role as President of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America he is intensely interested in the role technology can play in improving patient outcomes.

Dr. Rothbaum

Barbara Rothbaum

Dr. Rothbaum is Director of the Emory Healthcare Veterans Program and professor and Associate Vice Chair of Clinical Research at Emory School of Medicine in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Director of the Trauma and Anxiety Recovery Program and holds the Paul A. Janssen Chair in Neuropsychopharmcology. She specializes in research on the treatment of anxiety disorders, particularly PTSD. Dr. Rothbaum has been studying PTSD treatments since 1986 and has developed, tested, and disseminated some of the most innovative and effective treatments available for PTSD.

Dr. Berkowitz

Steven Berkowitz

Dr. Berkowitz is a leading researcher & practitioner in child & family trauma interventions. He will leverage his extensive knowledge of PTSD symptomatology, predispositions for adult onset of PTSD, and concomitant contributing medical conditions and treatment interactions to guide Senseye on signal utility.