Safer roads and a revolution in duty of care – at a glance

What if you could go beyond helping your customers manage their duty of care obligations, and stop their employees even getting behind the wheel when they’re too tired – just by looking into their smartphones?

Sounds great, doesn’t it? And with up to 20% of all road accidents caused by fatigue, we’d all benefit.

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Meet Senseye’s

Fitness for Duty.

It’s the future

of road safety.

Your customers want an easy life. They want to know that their fleet is taken care of. That their duty of care obligations are being met. And most importantly, that their people are safe.

That’s why we built Fitness for Duty to be as simple as it is advanced. It’s an API-based solution, so you can easily integrate it into your existing duty of care offering.

There’s no new tech required, and very little effort.

But the rewards are game changing. Fewer days lost to injury. Vehicles spending less time off the road. You can offer both added peace of mind and a way to tackle the root causes of accidents. Plus the potential for cost savings via lower insurance premiums and fewer repairs.

You’re probably wondering how it works.

Drivers simply look at their smartphones, and Senseye does the rest, providing incredibly accurate – and personalised – information on their fatigue and potential impairment levels. It’s all about empowerment, giving people more control than ever before over their own fitness for work.

And this is just the start. We’re constantly honing and evolving our technology. We have big plans. And we’d love for you to be a part of it.

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